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About us

Zhongwanjianke Group is a collection of hotels, financial investment, trade and glass glass deep-processing industry group company. Members of the group are: Anhui Jianke energy-saving building materials Co. Ltd and Anhui LAN-STAR Glass Co. Ltd., landscape Oriente Hotel, financing Asset Management Co and is the formation of Anhui Guangjian glass industrial park management company limited.

Anhui Jianke energy saving building materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of toughened glass, curved steel glass, LOW-E hollow glass, laminated glass, frosted glass, shutters and other glass peripheral products of deep processing enterprises. The company's annual production capacity of about 1000000 square colored glass products, after 6 years of development has become the leading enterprises in the industry.

Anhui Blue Star Glass Co., Ltd. franchise 2-19mm various specifications of float glass, colored glass, ultra white glass, ultra-thin glass, all kinds of mirror glass, coated LOW-E glass, is the largest glass traders in East china.

In the development of Zhongwanjianke Group is on every detail of continuous improvement, construction, uphold the principle of quality is enterprise's life, the company with excellent quality, low price, good service, won the majority of users of praise, in 2012 was named "Suzhou integrity unit".

Innovative and talented persons. The company regularly held skills training, and constantly improve the professional skills of employees, to prevent the production of undesirable products. People oriented, caring employees. The company is equipped with a complete set of recreational facilities for employees, so that each employee can relax their work pressure after work.

Standardized management system, perfect after-sales service. To establish a highly efficient team of cooperation from purchasing, production, sales, logistics and so on, to create a good business environment through communication, coordination and cooperation.







Address: Dangshan Economic Development Zone,Suzhou City, CHINA

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